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High School in Leuven – Belgium

High School in Leuven – Belgium

It was installed the fantastic version of the model Kompact AK 88 made with the use of modular sitting on tip-up beam mod. Delfi A086 and A880 Kompact beam table with lifting and magnetic locking magnetic top.
New version foresees reducing interaxes between tables correspondence legs central liaison to obtain unbroken very pleasant eyesight.

Were employed also new faceplates metallic without bookracks, realized in same dimensions corresponding bars (2, 3 0 4 places) extremely functional because allow sensitive elongation legs during permanence and perfectly integrated structures bearing via fixings special drilling screws.
The foot is designed for connecting floor fixing.
The installation was in high school in Leuven in Belgium.

A special thanks to Mr. Thils and his staff for implementation.